Dalmatian/Pit Bull mix (no lipstick)

Upper West Side, NY. Summer 2008

Doesn’t it look like this guy is wearing pants. He had the wildest markings I have ever seen. Dalmatian/Pit Bull mix, sounds scary to me.


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Please do not steal these photos. It is simply bad karma and you could develop a nasty rash all over your body – is it really worth the risk?

28 thoughts on “Dalmatian/Pit Bull mix (no lipstick)

  1. I just got a Pitbull / Dalmation mix puppy last night. Her mom is Dalmation, with black spots, and her dad is a white Pitbull. She has her moments where she gets excited about people, but she’s an awesoem girl so far. She’s three-months-old as of the 22nd of this month, and she’s the first dog that I’ve ever had. She’s the best thing to happen to my life. She is the most adorable little girl in the world.


  2. I have a two year old pit dal mix and he has been the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. he is super friendly and is great with my four month daughter. u will have so much fun with her


  3. I adopted a marvelous 8 year old pit dalmatian 4 years ago, and she is now 12. You couldn’t ask for a smarter, kinder, gentler dog. OMG, it was the best bad decision I ever made, going in the animal shelter that day. Right after I got her, I came down with Menningitis and she lay next to me day after day, so patient and so still, until I got better. I swear, her loving attemtion was what made me well again. (Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much!) This should be a breed My dog could not be more perfect..


  4. how cool is this? who knew. I have asked all three for pics and hopefully will have a guest post of one of these very loved dogs.

    the search term dalmatian pit bull mix comes up multiples times a day. sounds like a breed that is here to stay!


  5. We adopted our “Pitmation,” Jake, a year ago. He is one of the best dogs you could ask for. He’s extremely friendly and sweet; great with kids, our golden retriever and our cats. Not at all aggressive. A 50 pound lap dog! I’d be happy to post a photo of two of him, but can’t figure out how to do it.


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  7. we just found out that out dog is a pit/dal mix my husband is devastated that she is not a full pit puppy =( we are used to having pitbulls and they are so awesome so that is how we found this site. we are truly wondering if she will live up to the high standards of our other pitbulls. any comments are welcome as we are not too knowledgeable of dalmatian behavior. Lebowski is now 4mths old and she is funny and cute.


  8. Wow! I do not have one of these dogs, but from my early observation of Pitbulls (at age 17, the first dog I had ever liked after being “traumatized” at a very early age, happened to be a Pitbulll) it’s all about the Owner when it comes to any dog!

    Pitbulls, and other breeds (including Dalmations – though I haven’t had the honor of personally knowing any dogs of that breed) get a bad rap because unscrupulous (or very scrupulous) people obtain them to act as Legal Weapons, or else just mis-treat them as they would any dog (either because they are damaged people or too immature and inexperienced to know how to nurture a dog).

    Pure-bred Pitbulls are natural fighters – In my experience, quite beautiful as in the the two, very-sweet, Pitt brother and sister who I observed “playing” with each other – It was like watching the world’s most advanced Martial Artists spar with one another! I could see the deadly ability that those dogs naturally have, but having grown up loved and well-treated by their humans, didn’t actually hurt each other or me! I knew, though, that if anyone f**ked with me or one of their owners, that person would be very, very sorry!!

    There is a combination of deadly, in-born skill mixed with the incredible in-born loyalty that all canines possess that makes these dogs either “the best thing to happen to [one’s] life” or the sad nightmare dogs that have been abused or abusively trained (and don’t know which is worse!!!) and have killed or almost-killed people and other dogs (the latter unfortunately gets more press).

    I’m very happy for the people and the dogs that love each other! I do hope that loving these dogs means that their people fully understand what they are capable of! Watch “The Bruce Lee Story” and substitute yourself for his wife and Lee for your dog!!

    I also hope that anyone planning to breed any dog understands the huge responsibility that it entails when it comes to “vetting” possible adoptive people for their puppies!

    I’m very happy to hear that the one owner who has a pit/dal as her first dog was happy with her puppy, and I hope she has gotten help with the dog’s “excitability”, but I would never give one of these puppies to a first-time dog owner! I really don’t mean to cause offense to this new owner, but I really wonder about the human who owns the mother of her puppy! Some breeds should stay small and be kept away from the puppy-mills and other unscrupulous breeders! So, though you love your mixed breed dogs, be careful about where you post your enthusiasm!! I know that you want people to understand that your dogs are wonderful and loving, but at the same time you must understand how they could have gone the other way if you had not been their owner!! I hope that Pit/Dal owners put together an association to protect and regulate the breeding of their dogs – a good example of a rare-breed dog community can be found in NEMDA (the National Entlebucher Sennenhund – every heard of those? bet not! My mother has two, a mother who she bred (3 pups, one of which she kept) and the son! – Mountain Dog Association -http://www.nemda.org ). Just their front page sums up what I am trying to describe much better than I just did!

    It’s nice that this page has cropped up and become the #3 site on Google (as of right now – I just checked), but I hope that one or more of the owners of this kind of dog puts up an official website with advice (and warnings) so you have a centralized place to talk about them!

    All my best wishes to all dogs and their owners!!


  9. ive got a 6 month old pit dalmation mix named pee wee hes the best dog a guy could ask for obedient loyal and protective hes playful and can be calm sometimes there awesome dogs they really should be a breed


  10. We just picked up a Pitmation that was abandoned and injured at a gas station in Tenn. She was thrown out of a car and then ran over by it’s owner, lived for four days on her own. BUT, when we got her, her foot was injured. We brought her to the vet then took her in with our Jackchi. The first two days were kinda rough but now she is so happy and she and the Jackchi get along so well. She even plays submissive to him. She is a wonderful, sweet, and loving dog. I would reccomend this breed to anyone that would love a kind pet and knows that they have feelings and emotions that just need to be loved. By the way, MAY MICHAEL VICK ROT IN HELL!!


  11. So I adopted Matilda in January only knowing she was part pit bull. Since then muted spots have popped up all over her. She just recently turned 1 and I heard that Dalmations don’t grow most of their spots until around 1ish. One black ear one spotted ear. I decided to look it up online and this came up first. The back end of the dog doesn’t help, but I found a bunch of other pics and it looks just like my tilly. She is definitely the best thing that has happened to me. She and Taz, my 9 month old cat, are best buddies and rough house all the time. I think pits are here to stay in my life.


  12. I had a pitbull/damation for 14 years (he lived to be almost 16!) I loved him so much and miss him terribly! he was truly the best dog I’ve ever known!


  13. We adopted a Pitbull mix with black spots. We were not sure it was a pit mixed with dalmation until the other day when we ran into someone with a dog that looked just like ours. She said that her dog was a pit dalmation mix.

    This is the best dog. She is submissive, loving, playful and great with children. She is also very protective. She does not like it when the kids rough house. When I am hurt are sick she sits next to me with her head on my lap. When my youngest daughter cries she licks the tears off her face and sunggles next to her. Our dogs name is Monet. Everyone that meets her says that she is the best dog.


  14. i have a pitdataion thats bout 6 months old, named gracie. she’d a pain n my butt @ time, but cant even imagain life w/out her! i cant have kids so shes my baby! but i cant seem for find how big shes gonna end up being. it would b great if another owner of a full grown one could help me out. i also want 2 know if shes gonna big muscley like a pit of slim like a dalmation.. thanks!


  15. I have a PittMation. He is thee best dog ever. Hes totally a love and he hangs out with two chiuauahs all day long. He get alot of attention when I take him out because of his markings and big head. People are amazed at how gentle he is. If he was allowed to he would snuggle up with me in my bed.


  16. I do not even know the way I finished up here, however I thought this submit used to be good. I do not recognise who you’re however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already. Cheers!


  17. My purebred dalmatian just had an accidental litter after spending some quality time with my husband’s American Bulldog. I am not exactly sure of the differenceds between an Am bulldog and a pit, but the puppies are absolutely gorgeous and sweet. They are starting to get their spots and two of them have “black butts” like the picture above. The bulldog is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen and my dal is the sweetest most submissive cuddle bunny ever. If the pup’s personalities are a mix of the parenst we are going to be in for a real treat!


  18. Hated pit bulls and would never consider owning one till I was forced into a living arrangement with Simone who owned a pit bull Dalmation mixed one year old female.
    Though excitable at first she soon bacam a love able and humorous member of the house. This particle dog is a joy to wake with, to spend time with and to watch play fight with their German Spitz dog housemate with whom she developed a great deal of reapect for. She has changed the way I look at Pitbulls. She still needs to be cautious near other dogs, particularly Pit Bulls. They seem to just want to fight. They are possessive and seem to bring out the worst in each other. I value her independent thinking, loyalty and intelligence and would recommend the mix to someone, an adult, who can spend quality time with their new pet.


  19. I don’t know what to write. It appears that he is wearing pants over his furry under garmet. Slacks, perhaps of a cotton, silk blend, but I can’t tell for certain.
    He probably left the jacket and vest at home which is why it looks that way or you wouldn’t have given him a second look. PB and Dal. are like that. Always forgetting stuff.


  20. I actually had a litter of Pitbull / Dalmatians. Have at least one puppy left they are 10 wks. And the most amazing cutest puppies ever. Completely by accident. But definitely worth owning .


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