Dalmatian/Pitbull Mix – Guest Post

Riley and Jake. Photo by Garry McCarthy. Fall 2008.

I have learned so much about this mixed breed. Since my original post on these dogs dalmatian/pitbull has been the number one search term that lands people on this blog. Who knew? I have had some lovely email exchanges with a few proud owners of these dogs, Garry McCarthy being one of them. 

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Please do not steal these photos. It is simply bad karma and you could develop a nasty rash all over your body – is it really worth the risk?

4 thoughts on “Dalmatian/Pitbull Mix – Guest Post

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  2. Was your Pitmation hard to train as a puppy? My Pitmation is very VERY hard to train. For example, I don’t like it when she goes under my bed, because when she goes under their, she starts whining because she gets stuck, and she sometimes takes stuff under their and chews it up. The first few times she did this, I’d just pull her out, but then she kept on doing it every time she went in my room. So then, whenever I’d pull her out, I whipped her and told her NO! But she kept on doing it more, and more, and more!!! I had to start whipping her with a belt! Now she isn’t allowed in my room. Another thing she does is she bites. Everything. She eats. Everything. (She even tried to bite/eat the wall…)She licks. Everything!! It’s soooo annoying cuz I have to put all my important stuff up high from her. Basically, she (her name is Checa btw) does the exact opposite of whatever she knows NOT to do. Why does she do that? Does all puppy’s do that???


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