A woman on the verge of being ziplocked, I decided to fill my summer with road trips. There is nothing better to give a new perspective on life than to get our of your own zip code and see what lies outside your comfort zone.

Since then I have continued to shoot things… everywhere. And reminisce through the archives pulling great photos from past travels.

You can also read me at i could cry but i don’t have time.

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hello, I found your site though Google as it is related to my own travel site. I wanted to ask if you would be interested in a link exchange as I have some high ranking travel blogs many with a PageRank of 3 or more.

    I have a list of my sites here: http://www.migranchile.com/mysites.html

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    Thanks for your time.


  3. I offically LOVE your blog! I just stumbled on it and literally sat here, spellbound on Christmas, looking at every single picture. Have you ever been to Israel?? I have been twice… its the BEST country in the WORLD for awesome pictures! (Don’t use film though, all the xrays will kill your pictures. Thank you for sharing your travel art!


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